The GTEYE Progressive Brake Spring is a quality engineered replacement of the Logitech G25 / G27 brake pedal spring

The spring features a true progressive rate which effectively simulates the real feel of a brake pedal in a real car.

The GTEYE Progressive Brake Spring is produced from thicker wire, and features a triple stage progressive rate design.

  As the closer coils compress and touch together the spring increases in stiffness up to +80% generating higher pedal resistance for improved brake feel and control.

Precision designed, tested and manufactured in Australia on a highly accurate CNC controlled coil spring machine.  

Now with superior high gloss black EDP E-Coat protective finish.

Easy DIY installation, with quality comprehensive Fitting Instructions

Manufactured in Australia with pride, combined with over 10 years spring design experience and 4 years of testing and development of this modification, satisfaction is guaranteed.

GTEYE Progressive Brake Spring
  •          100% DIY Mod
  •          Improve pedal feel with a balanced increase in firmness.
  •          Simulates a real brake pedal and progressive threshold.
  •          Improve your lap times when compared to an unmodified pedal.
  •          Precision designed and manufactured in Australia
  •          Safe and maintenance free.
  •          Compatible with all Logitech G25 & G27 Racing Wheels , PC, PS3.
  •          Works without the need to hardmount the pedals.
  •          Still comfortable with barefoot use.
  •          3 YEAR WARRANTY

Rated 9/10 by Shaun Cole of InsideSimRacing