Will I improve my lap times?  Yes, for many reasons. Especially the brake spring, during high speed or sudden braking, your foot will consistently find the threshold much faster, and instinctively reference the pedal force required for optimum effect.  Since previously you had no reference pressure from the original linear spring, the only way your brain determined the required pedal pressure was based on your other senses such as eyesight, hearing the tyre screech or feeling the force feedback through the steering wheel.  The improved progressive cushion of resistance for your foot to rest upon whilst braking reduces “pedal hunt” and ultimately improves lap consistancy

My G29 or G920 has a rubber insert within the spring, should I remove it?  The GTEYE brake spring is compatible with the rubber insert.  Re-installing the rubber with the GTEYE brake spring will provide firmer results, or remove it if you prefer a lighter pedal.  For most people we suggest to leave the rubber installed.

What is the warranty of the spring The GTEYE spring has a 3 YEAR WARRANTY against workmanship and material defect or failure, from date of purchase.

Will the modification void my warranty with Logitech? Basically, yes. Logitech has the right to refuse warranty once you dismantle the pedal set.

Will this modification damage or reduce the life of my pedal set? We have seen no evidence of fatigue or wear in any components.  This is mostly thanks to the great core design of the Logitech pedals to begin with

I am afraid the springs will be too stiff?  If the pedal is too stiff, the driving experience becomes tiresome and actually results in slower lap times due to being unable to depress the pedals far enough or fast enough.

Thankfully, careful consideration to spring stiffness (rate) has been a core GTEYE design philosophy, with a correctly positioned braking threshold and balanced spring rates in other pedals there should be no need to worry as it has been carefully calculated to provide a solid resistance without demanding excessive pressure.

Can I fit the spring myself?  Yes. This modification is relatively easy, fitting instructions guide you throughout the entire process and highlight any potential risks.  It generally takes up to 30 minutes.

What surface coating is used on the spring? GTEYE now uses an advanced high gloss black EDP E-Coat surface finish for maximum long life protection and corrsion resistance.

Why does the brake spring have uneven coil spacing? The original Logitech brake spring is linear, which means the spring rate does not change over the entire pedal stroke, whereas the spring rate in the GTEYE progressive spring increases over the entire range of compression. As the closer coils incrementally touch together (bind) the rate increases therefore progressively providing more pedal resistance.

Is the modification compatible with all my driving games? Yes, There is no need to re-calibrate or change the software settings.  Since the range of travel is unaffected, the software is un-aware of the modification. Works with all driving titles on PC, XBox and Playstation.

How long will postage take? We use the best available tracked delivery and will always aim to despatch the item within 1-2 business days.  

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