Technically Speaking / GTEYE

GTEYE pedal springs are 100% designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia.

The design process starts with the original Logitech pedal set, we take it apart and determine the specification of the original springs and determine ways to improve the feel.

GTEYE Product Development

Using specialised load cell testing equipment to determine the actual pedal forces experienced in a number of real cars, GTEYE is able to establish the actual pedal force required in a number of braking scenarios from light feathering, through to heavy threshold braking.

This process is also very important in matching the relationship between all 3 pedal springs ensuring a realistic and proportional result between all the driving controls.

GTEYE Brake Testing

Accurate 3D CAD models and computer simulation software is used to achieve the optimal spring rate and performance characteristics.


Sophisticated spring rating equipment the same used by many Nascar and Indycar teams verifies the designs of the springs and ensures they match the computer generated models.

GTEYE Spring Rater

The finalised designs go into production using a CNC controlled coiling machine, the springs are then EDP coated for appearance and corrosion resistance. The result is a precision spring intended for the highest accuracy.

GTEYE Coiling Machine

GTEYE Brake Spring

Incorporating a triple stage spring design, the pedal progressively increases in resistance the further it is pressed, offering the same initial starting rate as the standard Logitech spring then increases +80% in firmness.

GTEYE Brake Graph

GTEYE Throttle Spring

A mild increase in strength to improve pedal feel. Balanced resistance to support the weight of your foot reducing fatigue. Perfect for use in socks or ideal for use in shoes as the added resistance provides more sensitive feedback through the sole.

GTEYE Throttle Graph

GTEYE Clutch Spring

A firm increase in strength to better simulate the feel of a clutch in a real car. Greater linear resistance requires extra pedal force making the experience more realistic.

GTEYE Throttle Graph