Testimonials / GTEYE

"All of the new springs offer a nice upgrade from the original springs, but my favourite is the brake spring. Braking is the toughest thing to get right, especially the way you come off the brake. With this spring I was able to improve my trailbraking and be more consistent. There's just a more progressive feel and you can be right on the limit without locking up the brakes. Both the clutch and throttle also have a firmer and better feel. With the throttle that actually helps to keep your foot more relaxed because you can rest your foot against the pedal a bit more while accelerating."

Greger Huttu
iRacing.com Road Racing/GP Series World Champion
(2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)


"Excellent, G27 should be like it from the factory! Will recommend."

"Unbelievably fast shipping. Amazing product, can't believe how good it is. A+++"

"Awesome spring. My lap times improved by 2 sec that`s a lot in racing"

"This spring rocks! Very very happy, it makes a ***HUGE*** difference :-) A++++++"

"No complaints what so ever!!! Awesome highly suggested item!"

"Awesome product and service, a must have for G25/27 brake pedal!"

"Thanks, instructions where easy to follow and already making a difference."

"Awesome product, recommend to anyone with a G27 or G25. Great seller"

"A must have product for G25/27 owners. Feels like real car pedal."

"If you have a G27, buy this spring. Fast postage and an amazing product. A+++"

"Great spring, makes a massive difference to my sim racing A+"

"Very happy with the pedal spring upgrade. Much more confident braking."

"Takes a day to get used to - feels natural now"

"Awesome! Significantly improves the feel of the G27!"

"wow!!! das ultimative update für Logitech Pedale. Ich bin begeistert"